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Moisture Control 101: How to Protect Your Home from Mold & Mildew

House with a mold infested roof

One of the biggest fears for homeowners is mold and mildew. Unfortunately, these growths can be hard to detect, yet responsible for serious health issues for individuals around your home. Controlling mold and mildew starts with understanding the role moisture plays in their growth and how to prevent as many water sources as possible. With […]

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What Are the Differences Between Roof Replacement and Reroofing?

Roofing contractors in the process of replacing a roof

Is your roof signaling that it might be time for a change? A complete roof replacement and a reroof are two options that give homeowners a chance to restore their roof. While you might be familiar with a full roof replacement, reroofing is the process of installing new shingles over the existing roof. Let’s dive […]

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