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Get Your Roof Ready for Spring!

Now that winter is over, have you thought about what kind of toll the season has taken on your roof? Luckily, you don’t have to give it too much thought. At Elegant Exteriors, LLC, one of the best roofing contractors in Ocean County, NJ, as well as the surrounding area, we’re all about your roof, and we’ll make sure it’s prepared for the spring rains and upcoming New Jersey sun. The winter weather can put a tremendous amount of stress on your roof, so there’s no better time than now to inspect, correct, or if need be, replace it. Continue reading for some quick tips about how you can get your roof ready for spring!

  • Make sure your roof is cleared of debris.
  • Inspect the gutters for leaves or debris.
  • Look for missing shingles.
  • If you’re comfortable enough to go up on your roof, look for exposed nails or damaged flashing.
  • Look for lifted shingles.
  • Give your attic a quick check for water staining.

Following these simple tips will help you extend the life of your roof by spotting small issues prior to them becoming larger and more expensive.

Even if you think your roof survived the winter elements unscathed, or if you’re not sure, please give us a call! We are happy to take a look free of charge to help identify any problems that may have occurred from snow, ice, high winds, and rain.

At Elegant Exteriors, LLC, we take pride in being an affordable roofing company for people in Ocean County, NJ, and other local areas. Whatever your residential roof needs, be sure to give us a call. You can also reach us at to schedule a free estimate.

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