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Should I Patch or Replace My Roof?

Your roof withstands some severe punishment as time passes. Storms have the potential to cause severe damage to your home, and the potentially violent conditions can have a direct impact on your roof’s ongoing health. Although there are some clear signs that you may need to completely replace your roof, there are some more subtle signs to be on the lookout for. These signs may indicate you need a residential roof repair from Toms River, NJ‘s premier roofing company, Elegant Exteriors, LLC. 

But that leads to the next question: do you need a completely new roof, or do you need part of your roof patched?

Patching My Roof

If you’re deciding whether patching your roof is a worthwhile investment, there are some vital signs to keep in mind during the inspection. Your shingles’ condition will tell you much about whether or not patching is going to be right for you. Look for shingles that are curled, cracked, or missing. Among the ones that are still intact, check to see if they are dark, dirty, or even wet. These are signs that the shingles are trapping the moisture instead of letting it roll down towards your gutters.

Check your gutters for any granules that may have come from your shingles. These granules shake off over time and indicate that your shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan. 

You can also figure out if you need patching or a full replacement by inspecting your attic. You can check on your roof deck from inside your attic and see its condition. Over time your roof deck faces extended exposure to the elements. This damage manifests itself in the forms of substantial leakage, plywood delamination, moss growth, unattended algae, or even harmful mold growth. As these problems develop, the need to replace your roof grows.

Replacing My Roof

Aside from catastrophic storm damage, there are additional signs that indicate a routine roof patching won’t do the job. Keep an eye for mold or algae developing in your attic; it is a clear sign that your roof is not venting properly, and the hot air rising through and getting trapped in your home causes condensation that negatively affects your roof. By regularly checking that your attic has proper ventilation, you can stay on top of any mold and algae buildup and get your roof replaced before any lasting health issues occur. 

You want to check for signs that the small problems you observe with your roof aren’t hiding more significant issues that require a full replacement. Staying ahead of these issues can help you and your family avoid undue duress due to a badly damaged roof. A full replacement can still present itself as an economically viable option for your home, as long as you are recognizing the signs and partnering with a reliable roofing company. 

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