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Top 4 Roof Maintenance Tips for the Fall

A close-up of an asphalt shingle roof.

Roof maintenance should be a year-round project for homeowners. However, sometimes things can fall on the home improvement list without meaning to. Instead of letting your roof fall into disrepair and causing you to need a costly roof replacement, here are some of Elegant Exteriors, LLC’s favorite tips for roof maintenance, regardless of the pitches of the roof

Schedule Regular Inspections

You won’t know the status of your roof without knowing what’s going on underneath what you can see. You can perform visual inspections of your roof, looking for damaged gutters, missing shingles, and other outward signs that you need the immediate services of a roof repair contractor. However, a professional inspection can shed light on the underlying issues by looking for roof problems like water damage, termites, and other potentially harmful issues. 

Types of Storm Damage

While the fall sees a rise in storms, not every storm produces the same kind of damage. Depending on the time of year, homeowners may face the fallout from torrential downpours, hurricane-force winds, or water accumulation issues. Some of the most common types of storm damage include:

  • Wind Damage
  • Standing Water
  • Fallen Debris 

Immediately following a storm, getting your roof inspected can help identify any problem areas and quickly address any significant damage that may have occurred during the storm. Check around your home for broken branches, fallen shingles, and other signs of damage that could necessitate calling in the professionals. 

Clear Your Gutters 

Your roof gets constantly bombarded with debris and materials from the surrounding environment and weather conditions. Throughout the year, things like twigs, branches, and — especially during the fall — leaves can accumulate in your gutters. These overstuffed gutters can come back to haunt you after a significant storm in the form of standing water. 

When your gutters get backed up, the resulting blockages can cause water damage to your roof anytime it rains. Standing water caused by gutter blockages can lead to the water getting under the shingles and allow moisture to penetrate throughout your roof deck.

Prune Your Trees

When the winds start howling during storms, they can bring debris, branches, and other objects to high speed and smash into your roof. If the trees around your home already encroach on your roof, the wind doesn’t have to move as hard to cause potential damage. While you may enjoy the way the trees look in your yard, pay careful attention to how the branches approach your home and, more importantly, your roof. 

Trimming and pruning your trees can act as a preventative measure before a big storm. Cutting down large or encroaching branches around your roof can limit the chances of one of those branches flying off in the storm and damaging your roof. 

Invest in Quick and Effective Roof Repairs

During your roofing inspection, if you see things like roof leaks, missing shingles, or other seemingly minor issues, don’t push off making the repairs. Any potential hiccup or issue with your roof can be one storm or large branch away from causing significant damage to the rest of your home. Taking a proactive approach to making sure your roof is ready for the season’s challenges becomes critically important for homeowners. 

Elegant Exteriors Can Help With Your Roof Maintenance!

Getting the right roofing contractors to come out and inspect your roof becomes critical for preserving your roof’s longevity. The Elegant Exteriors team of experienced roofing contractors knows how to approach a roof inspection and knows where to look for visible and not-so-visible issues. 

Whether you need new fiberglass shingles on your house or need to fix some water damage, we’re here to help! Contact the Elegant Exteriors team for a free estimate and get your roof ready for the holidays!

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