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What Are the Best Roofing Materials for Low Sloping Roofs?

If you are about to begin work on your next roof installation project, knowing what kind of roofing materials you need to complete the project will help make the process smoother. There are many types of materials you can choose from, and multiple factors can influence that critical decision. One of the most significant factors that will better inform your decision is the slope of your roof. A roof with a steep slope and a low slope require different materials and laying methods to maximize its shelf life and long-term performance. 

Why Do Low Sloping Roofs Require Different Materials?

The main objective of your roof is to prevent water and other elements from getting into your home and causing structural problems. With average to high sloping roofs, the leak proofing process remains less complicated for your roofing team. However, the lower the slope of your roof, the more specialized systems need to be installed to prevent the need for roof leak repairs throughout NJ. Find the right materials to accommodate the low slope and provide that properly installed leak-proofing homeowners want. 

Infographic outlining a few factors to consider for low-sloping roofs

Choosing the Right Contractor

Finding a contractor that you can trust to find the right materials for your next project will help set the tone for the entire endeavor. With the right contractor, you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and materials that should ideally make your roof shine. With Elegant Exteriors, LLC, you have a team of expertly trained contractors that have experience working with low-sloping roofs and access to the best roofing materials. We have strong working relationships with roofing suppliers like Owens Corning, GAF, and Certainteed that provide us with the best materials for your low-sloping roofs!

Finding the Ideal Roofing Materials 

With suitable materials, your roof can withstand a range of elements that can batter it over its lifespan. Every material comes with its own set of factors determining whether it can prove a potential fit for your roof. Here are some of the most common and popular roofing materials for a low sloping roof:


When it comes to low-pitched roofs, you want to ensure that your roof material of choice adheres to the underlying structures. Rubber roofing provides a clean adhesion and, when installed correctly, provides your home with that watertight seal you need to protect your home from the elements. 


With the right specifications, a metal roof can provide your home with the kind of sturdy, long-term protection you want for you and your family. A low rib metal is recommended for low-sloped roofs, and different climate considerations need to be addressed to determine which kind of metal will work best for your situation. 

For all of your low-sloped roofing questions, the Elegant Exteriors team is ready to help answer them! Contact us to schedule your free estimate today!

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