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The Roofing Process

Getting expert-level roof work done doesn’t have to be complicated. At Elegant Exteriors, LLC we pride ourselves on our simple eight step process that will have your roof looking great in no time!



The Delivery

Once a permit has been issued by your local township building department (if necessary), Elegant Exteriors will begin the process to replace  your roof.
First step is the delivery of materials to the job site which can often be boomed to your roof or delivered to your doorstep.


Waste Container Delivery

Next; Elegant Exteriors will deliver a waste container to make sure all of debris and roofing material that is removed from your home is properly disposed.  At Elegant we treat your home like ours! We take the extra steps necessary to ensure your driveway is protected.


Protect your home!

Once materials and waste container are delivered and set up, Elegant Exteriors will take necessary steps to protect your home from shingles and debris that will fall from the roof during the removal process.


The Removal Process

Once your home has been protected the process of removing the shingles from the roof deck will commence. This labor intensive process can take time depending on the number of layers, type of shingles previously installed and pitch of your existing roof, but all can be handled by our team!


Deck Inspection

After the shingles are removed, our team will walk the deck of your roof inspecting for any noticable rot or moisture. If damaged plywood is present we will replace it on the spot!


Prepare the roof

After the deck has been inspected and any damaged plywood has been replaced our team will begin the roofing process which starts with installing deck protection which comes in a variety of quality options.


Roofing your home

After the underlayment has been installed on the roof deck our qualified roofing technicians will install your shingle of choice. From asphalt to metal and slate our team will get the job done right!

The Finished Product!


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