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Is Your Roof Storm-Damaged? Look for These Signs!

Here in New Jersey, it seems like every season is storm season. You might not have to worry about hurricanes during this time of the year, but there’s always the possibility that you’ll be blown away by the wind, pummeled with hail, or buried in snow.

Not sure if your roof has been damaged by a recent storm? Look out for these signs, and if spotted, call the team at Elegant Exteriors, LLC.

Missing Granules

Does your home have asphalt shingles? Each shingle should be covered in small granules that protect its surface from UV rays. If you notice that a large number of granules have gathered at the bottom of your downspout or in your gutter, then your roof may have suffered damage.

Broken Shingles

After a winter storm, you might notice that one of your shingles is cracked, dented, or just missing. This initial damage may seem minor, but it could turn into a major expense if left unrepaired. One missing shingle allows the wind to more easily tear away its neighbors, exposes nails and seams that will leak. Left unattended, it could lead to a costly repair down the road.

Leaky Ceilings

Sometimes, storm damage is more noticeable when you go inside your home. Inspect your ceilings and light fixtures for any signs of water staining. Then, take a trip up to your attic to check for damp rafters and leaks. Pay special attention to housing components that penetrate the roof. (Chimney, bathroom vents, flue pipes, etc.)

Other Property Damage

If your car is pockmarked after a hail storm or your yard is full of broken branches after heavy winds, then don’t assume that your roof escaped unscathed. There may be hidden damage that could lead to leaks, drafts, animal infestation and other issues.

To ensure that your home is in excellent condition this winter, give Elegant Exteriors, LLC. a call today at 256-NEW-ROOF to schedule a free estimate for roof repair or replacement!

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