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What Are Roofing Squares, & How Do They Affect My Estimate?

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If you’re getting ready for a new roof for your home, there are a few factors that you will need to consider before signing off on your project that has a significant impact on the overall price. No, we’re not talking about what color your roof will be — we’re talking about the size, pitch of the roof, and a number of layers that are currently on it. The roof’s area is a large part of what determines your roofing estimate and is measured in what is known in the roofing industry as “roofing squares.”

If you’re not sure what a roofing square is, you’re likely not alone. With that said, it may be a subject that comes up during the inspection process, especially when looking at the final estimate for your roof replacement. When your roofing contractor starts to mention roofing squares, there are a few things to keep in mind, including how it will impact your roofing project’s total price.

Measuring Your Roof’s Size

Ultimately, a roofing square is a means to measure the total area of your roof. Each “square” consists of a 10’x10’ portion of your roof, which is equal to 100 square feet. The roofer will multiply the length and width of your roof based on these squares. From there, they will know the quantity of the asphalt shingles, not including waste necessary to complete your project — and in turn, a good idea on the cost of materials for your project.

The roofer will rarely break the cost down by square footage when looking at your estimate. Other factors come into play when figuring out your estimates, such as labor costs and the types of materials being used, the pitch (how steep), and the number of layers of shingles currently on the house.  

This and the complexity of the project are the main factors in determining your final estimate. Regardless, a critical component of your estimate comes from the total square footage and the tally of the roofing squares present on your home.

What Else Impacts My Estimate?

While roofing squares are a significant component of your estimate, as mentioned earlier various other factors may play into the total cost. For example, if your roof has more complex architectural features, it will likely cost more than a standard roof as it is more complex and will. Your roof pitch is also taken heavily into consideration, as steeper roofs often come with a heftier price tag.

No matter how many roofing squares need to be covered, if your roof is in exceptionally poor condition, the price of the replacement is likely going to be higher. The worse shape the roof is in, the more labor your contractors will have to do to make your roof look inviting again, which naturally bumps up the cost.

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