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Why Is Roofing Insurance So Important?

Roofing jobs are dangerous jobs, and even the most qualified roofers face troubles from time to time. If you’re looking for a qualified and fully insured roofing contractor, it’s not enough to take their word for it or rely on a strong personal connection. You need to cover yourself in the case of any injury or faulty workmanship. Don’t waste your time finding the best roofer for your roofing project, only forget to check if they have roofing insurance. Find out why it’s important for you to make sure your roofing professional is covered from head to toe.

What Is Roofing Insurance?

Roofing insurance is coverage for work done on homes for those who own a roofing company. Construction is a very high-risk industry, and roofing operators know the importance of having insurance cover any property damage. A good roofing company will usually be partnered with an insurance company, as despite the out-of-pocket costs, care for homeowners’ property is what comes first. 

What Insurance Should My Roofer Have?

There are two types of insurance to consider — liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Liability insurance protects against damages that occur during the project, which in this case means covering roof damage during roof replacement or repairs. Workers’ compensation covers medical bills from accidents that occur on the job to workers, keeping you from having to fork over out-of-pocket costs to the company.

What Does Insurance Say About My Roofer?

A reputable roofing company will have a quality insurance company, with the RIGHT amount of coverage, no matter what the cost of that might be. Hiring a roofing company without proof that they have insurance is a risky bet, and you never want to trust one that can’t cover their back. If your roofer has insurance, it proves that they are dedicated to giving you good performance and a trusted installation. However, it is imperative homeowners understand the difference between coverages. They can compare insurance by asking a professional’s advice. 

Your Roofer Is Qualified

The one thing a good roofer proves by having insurance is that they are qualified for the job. An insured company will trust that their work is up to par and show that they’ve proven their capabilities in the past as effective workers.

Your Roofer Cares About Your Safety

Who wants a roofer that doesn’t care about the safety of your home? Your roof is important, so taking on a company that shows that they are lacking in care for your roof is a red flag. Insured companies are aware of the safety standards while performing roofing repairs or installations and know how to avoid injuries or faulty installations.

Your Roofer Understands Your Local Codes

A licensed and insured roofer is an expert in their craft, meaning that they are familiar with building codes and local regulations that apply to your home. These are very useful and important, as they indicate the limits of your contractor and what they can actually do in regards to your roof.

How Can Roofing Insurance Help Me?

Roofing insurance doesn’t just benefit a roofing company, as it provides a host of benefits for you as a homeowner. A company with roofing insurance gives you peace of mind in the face of accidents and allows you to foster a much stronger relationship with your contractor. This will enable you to ensure the best possible job is done for your roof and help you feel more comfortable bringing up any changes or concerns with your contractor. 

Reduces Liability for Accidents

The biggest way insurance protects homeowners is by protecting them against damages to their homes or the workers. If your roofing project goes bad and it causes damage to some other part of your home, you know you’ll be covered. If a worker falls or gets injured during the job, you won’t have to be responsible for covering the accident for the company.

Helps You Gain Trust With Your Roofer

For anyone that works in your home, you want to have fostered a relationship built on trust and comfort. For a project as dangerous and important as working on a roof, trust can help work through different issues. Homeowners worried about a damaged roof are already on edge, and they don’t need more pushing their buttons. A company like Elegant Exteriors knows the importance of providing insurance to build trust with homeowners.

Partner With a Roofer With Proof of Insurance

A roofing company isn’t a roofing company if they aren’t caring for their homeowners. The biggest proof of this care is in a job well done and in the precautions taken to cover homeowners in case of a job not well done. 

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