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Storm Season Checklist: How to Get a Head Start on Your Summer Roofing Prep

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We all look forward to having a great summer. But if there’s one thing to keep an eye on, it’s the condition of your roof. While we may be able to go inside during intense heat or a major storm, your roof has to weather the elements. Sure, it was meant to handle the job, but you can also cross off a few simple checklist items early on to ensure your roof is ready for storm season. Get a head start on protecting your roof, and you’ll be one step closer to a more fun and enjoyable summer.

What the Summer Weather Can Do to a Roof

Heavy rains, wind, hail, and other severe weather conditions can take a serious toll on your roof, and it begins the minute temperatures start to heat up. Even on a typical sunny day, your roof is susceptible to the effects of UV rays. Over time, these effects add up, especially if mother nature throws a few extra weather events your way. Take a look at some ways the summer weather can slowly cause your roof to deteriorate — if you don’t take the right precautions.

UV Rays = Shorter Lifespan

UV rays are very strong; even on cloudy days, they slowly wear away your roof. But when the sun is as close as it can get to the earth, those rays shine brighter than ever. Unfortunately, this slowly causes asphalt shingles and other roofing materials to deteriorate over time, shortening their lifespan and minimizing the benefits of a new roof.

Heat Causes Your Roof to Expand

The varying summer temperatures don’t do your roof any good. Some materials, like metal roofing, expand and contract throughout the hot daytime temperatures and cooler nighttime temperatures. Over time this can form gaps within the materials that let water in and can lead to leaks.

Heat and Moisture Lead to Fungal Growths

Combining heat with moisture leads to moisture growth within shingles and underlayment. Not only is this hard to see, but it can slowly endanger your family’s health as mold spores populate the rest of your home.

Start With the Right Roofing Materials

A quality roof starts with the materials used on them, and you can better fight the elements of the summer by making sure your roofing material is up for the job as early as possible. Asphalt, Metal, Cedar, Slate are not the only products on your roof.  Underlayments, Ice and Watershield, ventilation, dripedge and other products complete your roofing system and work together to help protect your home. 

Explore different roofing materials and shingle types and collaborate with your contractor to choose a roof that best fits your needs.

Prepare for Storms Before They Occur

Many homeowners know storm season is approaching but fail to take precautions until the storm is bearing down on them and the shelves are all empty. Don’t get caught flat-footed. Prepare your roof for storms before they occur, in some cases as early as the spring. Start with maintenance, as knowing the condition of your roof can give you an idea of what needs to be done and what may need to be done in the future. Check for cracks and leaks and get them repaired as soon as possible. Make sure any debris on or around the roof is cleaned up to give it enough space throughout the storm.

Trim the Trees Around Your Roof

Trees and branches provide a level of protection for your roof against heavy winds or the sun’s rays, but this can also cause serious problems in a storm. Those same winds can topple over trees or cause branches to slam against your roofing system. This weakens the structure and can even puncture holes and cracks in the roof. Trim the trees leaning over your home to restore balance to the trees and prevent unnecessary damage to your roof.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are essential to every home, as they carry the rainwater off and away from a roof. Unfortunately, it can be easy to forget they exist, allowing leaves and debris to slowly build up until the water cannot travel anymore. If it can’t go down, it’ll find another way to go, which often means onto your roof and eventually into your home. Prevent this by keeping gutters and downspouts free of debris. 

Enjoy Your Summer — But Don’t Forget Your Roof

Summer is a great time for all, but your home is your humble abode, so don’t forget to take steps to keep it in mint condition all year round. After all, the winter eventually rolls back around, and the last thing you want to do is spend your days reflecting on why you didn’t address moisture problems sooner.

You can take all the precautions you want with your roof, but it won’t matter if it isn’t already in good condition. That starts with choosing suitable roof materials and installing them with expert roofing contractors. At Elegant Exteriors, we have tons of roofing materials and styles, and best of all, our contractors are trained and skilled to handle every roofing job. So contact us today for a roof installation in NJ, and don’t forget to get a head start on these precautions to help you and your family stay safe and enjoy the warm months. 

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