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4 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Heavy Rain

It may be still wintertime here in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting our fair share of rainy days. Rain or snow, knowing how to best protect your roof from the elements is essential, making sure your home’s roof stays in shape for years to come.

Courtesy of Elegant Exteriors, LLC, have a look at our list of boxes to check to ensure that your roof comes out looking good this season.

1. Install Gutters — and Keep Them Clean

If you don’t yet have gutters for your home, no time is better than the present to consider getting an installation. Without gutters, water from rain and snow can gradually drip from your roof and damage your siding.

Also, make sure that your gutters stay clean. They won’t be able to function the way they’re supposed to if they’re filled with leaves and debris, leaving your roof back at Square #1.


2. Schedule a Shingle/Flashing Inspection

To prepare for rain and snow storms, you’ll want your roof’s shingles and flashing to be ready for action. Arranging for a roof inspection from Elegant Exteriors, LLC can help you discover loose or damaged shingles, rusted-out flashing, and other roof parts to replace before causing greater harm.


3. Prevent Pooling Water

Water often tends to pool on flat roofs. If your roof does not have the proper slope and drainage, the pooled water can cause significant wear and tear to your roof over time. If your home’s roof has problems with water pooling, call a professional to come and take a look to address the issue.


4. Replace Old or Weakened Roofs

If your home’s roof is beginning to show its years or has experienced significant damage or deterioration, you may want to consider getting a new installation. Although it may seem like a heavy investment, a new roof will allow you the opportunity to choose shingles, sealants, and underlayment that effectively fight heavy rain and snow, helping ensure that your new roof lasts well into the future!


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