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How Do I Know if I Need New Siding?

Siding that has begun to chip and crack

A home’s siding is meant to protect it from the elements, but its job is pretty thankless. Homeowners often forget to check for — or even ignore — damaged siding, signals of roof repairs, and other home improvement needs they may have. Siding repair can help, but what if you’ve ignored the damage to your home exterior siding for too long? Some of these signs let homeowners know that it might be time to call Elegant Exteriors to replace their siding and keep their home safe from the outdoor elements.

Loose, Cracked, or Warped Siding

Loose, cracked, and warped siding aren’t just ruining your home’s curb appeal. These problems are evidence of potential structural damage and are the first indicator for many homeowners. 

Your siding is generally installed loosely to prevent it from naturally expanding and contracting due to fluctuating temperatures. If your siding was installed too tightly or is suffering from intense heat, it’s likely to begin warping.

Take note of any damages you might see and discuss with one of our trained siding experts. Rain from heavy storms or winds don’t need much to infiltrate behind the siding. Cracks and warping around those areas indicate it’s time to replace your siding. 

Your Siding Is Rotting

Rotting siding is the biggest sign that your siding needs replacement. While you might believe that the visible siding materials aren’t rotting, materials like vinyl siding actually don’t dry rot. The wood underneath is rotting, meaning that water is getting through and soaking into the wood and your home. This mess is only made worse by the fact that you’re compromising the structural integrity of your home. Your siding then falls apart, and it becomes painfully obvious that you need a replacement.

Moisture in Your Home

A severe problem would lead to moisture problems within your home, which indicates that you might need a replacement. Evidence of moisture can come from foul smells in certain areas or the paint peeling on your walls. Take a peek at your siding for any evidence of rotting, peeling, mold, and mildew when this happens. 

Hidden Evidence

Sometimes, you might only receive a few small hints that something is wrong with your siding. Hidden evidence is tough to pinpoint, as many of these problems can indicate issues within other facets of your home. Rising energy bills show you might be spending more on your HVAC system due to your walls lacking the integrity to properly protect your home from outside elements. You might also feel drafts near the interior walls that line up with your siding. If this is the case, it’s likely that your energy efficiency is being compromised by faulty siding.

Elegant Exteriors Can Give You Efficient and New Siding for Your Home

Noticing your siding is going bad is a good first start, but what do you do after that? Contacting Elegant Exteriors with 25+ years of experience fixing and repairing damaged sidings should be your next step. For residents of Toms River, NJ, and the surrounding areas, battle the elements with expert siding repair professionals who carry years of experience tailored for homeowners in these areas. Reach out today, and we can inspect your siding if you notice any of the above signs affecting your home.

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