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What Goes Into Choosing the Right Roof Shingles?

When you start the process of installing a new roof on your house, the first thing you need to decide is the type of roofing material you want to use. Finding the best material for your home will help give you peace of mind that your home will have the long-term protection it needs. As you plan your shingle installation, you should focus on determining which materials can withstand the climate and weather conditions that pelt your home year-round. 

Elegant Exteriors, LLC has extensive experience using the best materials on the market, and each style has advantages based on the surrounding environment. Knowing the ins and outs of these shingles will help you make an informed decision to make your next roof last upwards of 30 years! 

Pick The Right Materials

Most homeowners won’t think about what materials their roof is made out of until they need a new one. They may not be as familiar with the different manufacturers that make up the roofing materials market. Knowing which materials work best in a given climate and can hold up against the weather is crucial information they need to make an informed decision. Your best bet is to turn to trusted roofing contractors with experience working with the top brands on the market. This knowledge will help prolong the life of your roof.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning provides long-lasting durability and aesthetics that homeowners love in the world of roofing supplies and materials. This trusted brand offers a total protection roofing system that provides homeowners with increased peace of mind and protection from the elements. A mixture of ice and moisture barriers, combined with tiered shingles and increased ventilation, provides your home with a long-lasting investment that can last for years to come with the proper maintenance routine. 

GAF Shingles

While Owens Corning represents one of the top roofing products on the market, it’s not the only one homeowners can utilize and benefit from in the long run. GAF is another well-known and respected name in the roofing industry that has built its reputation on the quality of its shingles. From fiberglass shingles to mesh-reinforced asphalt shingles, GAF products provide three to five layers of protection against the elements. The added protections help prolong the life of your roof. 

Each GAF product offers increased wind and impact resistance that comes in handy when dealing with the unpredictability of the weather and other unforeseen acts of nature. If you are in an area that sees increasingly violent winds or extreme weather patterns, GAF shingles can provide your home with that added bit of year-round protection. 

Understand The Investment You’re Making

Given the long-term nature of a roofing investment, you want to know the details of what each one means for your home. The costs involved with getting the materials, installation, and general upkeep of your roof are all factors to consider when you’re in the process of deciding on your next roof. Many homeowners may not understand the project’s scope before starting, which can lead to understandable anxiety. However, with the right roofing contractor on your side, you can tackle this project with confidence. 

Get The Right Team for the Job

After you have decided on which variety of shingles you want to use for the project, you want to ensure that you get the best team possible. Different contractors have certifications for other materials, so finding one with experience with that specific variety can help your project go as smoothly as possible. Elegant Exteriors has credentials for both Owens Corning and GAF; our team has a track record of working on these products and delivering expertly installed roofs to our clients. 

Finding the right roofer to replace your roof shingles shouldn’t be that hard around Toms River, NJ. With an experienced contractor working on your home, your anxiety will be put at ease in no time! Contact our team to get a free quote and schedule your next appointment today!

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