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What To Remember When Looking For a Roofing Contractor

The only thing more stressful than realizing that you need a new roof is trying to find the right contractor for the job. It’s sometimes hard to tell who’s going to do the best job, and if you make the wrong choice, you will have to have the job done all over again. While you might be stressed out trying to get a gauge on the other guys, we can guarantee that Elegant Exteriors, LLC is a trustworthy brand that will get the job done right. When you search out a roofer, these are the steps you should take to make sure you are getting the best quality job, which you always will when you choose us.

Ask for proof of their insurance.

It is highly recommended that all roofers have property insurance, just in case something goes wrong. If not, you could wind up paying for any incidental damages on your own, even though you had nothing to do with them. Not only that, but it protects you from being liable for any injuries that might happen on the job. All you need is to ask them for is a copy of their insurance, and you will have the peace of mind you need.

Make sure your estimate is in writing.

When you’re getting an estimate on a certain job, it is easier to see it in writing. Not only will you know what will need to be done, but it can prevent other contractors from trying to rip you off and adding in additional charges. At Elegant Exteriors, LLC, the only thing we rip off is your old roof, and will always give free written estimates for roof replacements. Homeowners in Jackson, NJ and its surrounding areas who turn to us for a job always know exactly what they should and expect and how much it will cost.

Check that they’ve done a thorough inspection.

Before any job is performed, the roofer is supposed to inspect EVERY part of the roof, from the chimney to the flashings and attic space. While some contractors will either rush through the inspection or not even perform an inspection at all, we give your old roof a thorough evaluation so we can figure out exactly where the problem stems from and how to go about fixing the issue.

Find out if they are factory-certified.

While this isn’t always a necessity for roofing contractors, Elegant Exteriors, LLC is factory certified by Owens Corning, GAS materials and Certainteed. This means that they frequently review the latest installation practices for the best way to get the job done, have been fully vetted including minimum years of service, high levels of customer satisfaction, financially stable, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that the contractor you hire is factory-certified, so you can get your money’s worth and make sure your roof is installed right the first time.


With so many things to look for, rest assured that Elegant Exteriors, LLC checks all of these boxes. If you are looking for a free roof estimate in Jackson, NJ and beyond, contact us today!

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