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Which Roofing Materials Offer the Best Protection?

It doesn’t matter if you are installing a roof on your new home or are in the market for roofing replacements in Bordentown, NJ — the type of material selected for your roof is critical. You want to find the option that offers the best combination of protection and durability while staying within your project budget. So what options do you have? 

Asphalt Shingles 

Asphalt shingles offer a winning combination of cost-effectiveness and durability. With a life span of 15-40 years, asphalt shingles check off the durability box in the face of a constant barrage of changing weather conditions from season to season. However, there are several things to take into consideration before making your decision, including the shingles’ hail and wind rating. A good rating is essential if you live in areas of the country where high winds or hail are commonplace. Additionally, research what type of algae prevention they offer, as typically within 10 to 15 years, unsightly blue and green algae streaks become visible. Lastly, there are many manufacturers of asphalt shingles, so do your homework on which one offers the best product. 

Cedar Shake Shingles 

Wood shakes have been used for hundreds of years to cover homes and are eye-catchers that can make any house stand out. However, the cost of installation and the product itself makes it more expensive and time-consuming to install. Additionally, the lifespan of cedar can 

be anywhere between 15 – 30 years, depending on the wood used, the climate and maintenance performed. You should also keep in mind that repairs can be complicated and sometimes costly, requiring a level of expertise that is not commonplace among all roofing companies. And don’t forget — the shingles are not fire-resistant, causing insurance rates to be much higher! 

Metal Roofs 

There are many metal roofing solutions, with metal panels and standing seam being two of the most popular. However, these two offerings are very different on the price and performance scale. The cost will vary greatly depending upon the type of metal (steel or aluminum), the gauge of metal, and how it is painted. While metal provides homeowners with strong wind and fire resistance and increased energy efficiency, it can be damaged from hail or corrode depending on proximity to the ocean. With a life span of 30-50 years, your roof will have long-lasting protection, but repairs are costly and require roofers who consistently work with metal installation. 


It’s a look that’s hard to argue with, as it’s been a popular choice among historic buildings. Slate roofing offers homeowners a unique look that other roofing materials can only imitate. Like cedar, slate was one of the first roofing products installed on homes centuries ago. With that said, slate offers durability that can last through generations — 75-120 years, to be precise. However, real slate is rarely installed today, as synthetic slate options have displaced the use of natural stone. Plus, both real or synthetic slate is very expensive to install and repair, making it a less commonly-used product today. 

Deciding on the right materials is critical for every homeowner. With your roof acting as the first line of defense from the elements and changing weather patterns, making the right choice for your home, budget, and family is critical. 

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